Videostabilizer for Kinemaster v1.1.7/How to Stabilize Video iPhone?

Videostabilizer for Kinemaster v1.1.7/How to Stabilize Video iPhone?

In 2020, KineMaster did something rather unexpected. Importantly, they released a separate app called the android VideoStabilizer app for their popular video editing software. Its termed as Videostabilizer for Kinemaster. Mainly, the new tool allows users to apply stabilizing effects on videos and it has been quite popular since its release as many have wanted this feature. But were left disappointed when considering what others had available in terms of options or how much they cost.

If you were to ask me which video editing app is the best for Android, I would choose KineMaster. Although it lacked a stabilization feature and many people have been asking about this in recent months, they recently released their own separate VideoStabilizer-app alongside another called SpeedRamp For Kinemaster.

The KineMaster android video stabilization service is free if you export your stabilized clips directly into this program with a watermark in its bottom right corner. Thus you can avoid them by sharing outwards via social media or other means instead of just exporting videos as-is with no modifications made at all. Additionally, there is currently no beta version available on iOS devices yet though so keep checking back here for updates about when/if such an option might be released sometime soon.

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Videostabilizer for Kinemaster more features

Specs Table

App NameVideostabilizer for Kinemaster
Latest Version1.1.7
Size38 MB
CatagoryVideo player and Editor
DeveloperKinemaster Corporation
System Requirement6.1 and above

How to Stabilize Video iPhone by Using kinemaster videostabilizer?

Videostabilizer for Kinemaster features

Google Photos is great for stabilization, but it lacks the feature on iOS. Accordingly, there are some really cool video editing apps out there with this capability like Luma Fusion or KineMaster. But if you want to have full control over your footage without being limited by another app’s choices then stick with what feels most natural. until they add support where I can use all of them at once in one place that has everything else too (like stabilization).

Steps to use videostabilizer for Kinemaster in iPhone?

Videostabilizer for Kinemaster is an app that lets you stabilize video on your Android device so it’s easier to edit with video editing software like Kinemaster. This video stabilizer for android also has video stabilization features that can be used on video taken with an iPhone. 

Here’s how to use Videostabilizers for Kinemaster:

  1. Install the app and open it on your Apple device. Choose which videos you want to stabilize, then tap “Stabilize.” 
  2. Once they’re done stabilizing all of those clips in one go or separately from each other (it’s up to you), 
  3. Now, select ‘save’ when ready instead of deleting them. Since, there is no way at this point for us here down low to do anything with these raw files. As like say converting them into something else like an AVI file format or something else.

Next Steps for how to use video stabilizers kinemaster? 

Well as you can see, if your Apple device is jailbroken or not doesn’t matter too much. Here, this particular piece of software will run on non-jailbroken devices as well. The video stabilizers for the kinemaster app will work on any iOS device, amazingly. And, if you are running the version of your apple iOs software that is compatible with this video stabilizer tool.


The videostabilizer for kinemaster is a great tool that helps you create professional videos without any shaking or distortion. You can use it to stabilize your video footage, take away the fisheye effect of wide-angle lenses. Also, make sure your videos are free from rolling shutter artifacts. This stabilizing mount is compatible with all DSLR camera’s popular camera models like Panasonic GH4s and Sony A7S IIs. If you’re looking for an affordable way to create high-quality videos on a budget, the Videostabilizer For KineMaster may be just what you need!

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