SingPlay Box (BETA) - Cover Song Video Maker by Kinemaster Apk

SingPlay Box (BETA) – Cover Song Video Maker by Kinemaster Apk

SingPlay Box BETA lets you create cover song videos in minutes. Just choose your favorite song and it will create a video for you. Therefore, you can also add your own voice to the background music, or record yourself singing into the microphone. It’s perfect for musicians looking to get their next project out there, or for anybody who wants to share their talent with friends and family.

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Kinemaster has also introduced a new app termed as SpeedRamp for Kinemaster. It is a new app for making videos that will make you look like an action film star. You can add some awesome effects and share them on Instagram with the tap of one button!

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Features of SingPlay Box BETA?

Create your own hit with the new and improved Lyricator. Now you can record a cover song, practice any instrument or vocals before recording them in context for an amazing video that syncs up perfectly to lyrics. 

Adjustable Pitch

With features like adjustable pitch audio mixing for singers who need more depth on their vocal deliveries.

Volume Control 

Volume control over all 3 tracks (audio+video), as well as equalizer settings so they sound just right – this app has it going on from start to finish. 

Templates Galore

In addition, there are templates galore including ones created by other users which allow anyone at any time to create instant videos without ever needing outside help again.

After using these tools myself I found myself being able to quickly make some very professional-looking videos for my cover songs.

What’s New in SingPlay Box BETA?

It’s been a while since we made some changes here at SingPlay Box. 

And now, with the release of our newest templates and improvements on existing ones to suit your needs better. 

Also, you’ll be able to create even more amazing tunes in no time at all!! So what are waiting for? Create something incredible using one of these great new features or take advantage of their already updated capabilities before they go away forever.

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