KineMaster Pro APK Download Free /No Watermark/Unlocked 2021

KineMaster Pro APK Download Free /No Watermark/Unlocked 2021

It’s now usual that the users want to show themselves or their talent by using videos. High-quality videos always put a positive impact on the user. Also, there are many paid apps available in the play store. But here, we are giving you a free video editing app termed Kinemaster Pro Apk. You can also get a kinemaster pro apk download for PC for free.

In this era, while we are living in a moderate world, everyone has the know-how of Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, as well as Tiktok. Undoubtedly, social media users are increasing rapidly every day. Another version of the Green kinemaster pro apk download is also available now. To get green kinemaster pro apk full unlocked free download, click on the download button below.


App NameKinemaster Pro Apk
Latest Version(v5.1.14) Download
Size84 MBs
CatagoryVideo editor and player
System requirement6.1 and above
Updated on10 days ago

Major features

  • No ads
  • No watermark
  • Unlocked Chroma key
  • Multi-layer video editor
  • Download videos in 4k 2021
  • All transitions with 3d effects
  • All unlocked premium features

Kinemaster Pro Apk Download

Do you want to be a professional video maker or wish to create the best videos? And searching for the right app?

In kinemaster pro x plus apk download, you will find the best features like 3D Effects, Audio recording, no ads, no watermark, and many more. If someone wishes that he can use multiple features and make the video more complex and creative which look cool then KineMaster Pro APK is a master at it.

Introduction Of Kinemaster Pro Apk Download

intro of kinemaster pro apk

KineMaster Pro APK is one of the most popular and famous apps nowadays to create, edit and share videos on multiple social platforms. If someone wishes to create videos instantly and wants to share with instant editing then KineMaster Pro APK is the exact app they are looking for.

In this app, there is a feature where a user can create instant videos and can edit the video with instant tools which will make the video very attractive and cool. You can also share the videos on popular platforms like Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and on many more social sites. You can get kinemaster pro apk no watermark 2018 free download with a single click on the following download button.

There was an issue with Watermark shown on the videos in the different apps. But in this app this problem has been solved, Now you can create catchy videos with awesome features. And also with the feature of No Watermark will enhance the beauty of the video more. Kinemaster pro apk download without watermark is now far by only a click. 


features of kinemaster pro

Android App

Kinemaster is basically an android video editing app that lets its users create and edit quality videos with all pro features. Kinemaster Pro Apk is fairly easy to operate. Due to 3d effects, we get amazing results.

Basic Editing Tools

Difficulties are faced when we trimmed videos. But thanks to Kinemaster Pro Apk 2021 it is quite easy to trim videos just because of high-quality editing tools, trimmed videos smoothly. Ultra-precise results manifest.

No Adds

In Kinemaster Pro APK 2021 you will find out the feature of no ad. No ads will be shown when you will download this app. Ads are very frustrating for the users as they edit or share the videos. In Kinemaster Pro APK 2021 the makers have removed the ads to provide the users more competent and freedom to make creative videos.

No Watermark

Kinemaster apk download is without a watermark. In this app, the developers also provide the freedom of making creative videos without any kind of Watermark.

3D Effect

Kinemaster apk Pro has also the main feature and benefit of adding the 3D animated effects in the videos. But you will find this feature only in this app. Through this feature you can make the videos more complex and more professional and also after adding these effects videos will look awesome.

Audio recording

In Kine master pro apk, there is also a feature of audio recording. In this feature, you don’t have to use any other app or software to record the audio and later add it into the videos. This app has also focused on this factor and provides the best feature of audio recording. You can record your voice and can add it directly to the videos. So the Kinemaster apk Pro also removes one major issue of audio recording for the creative video makers.

Real-Time Recording

Another problem the users were facing in the previous apps was real-time recording. This app also solved this problem and provides this amazing feature. In this function, a user can record their videos live and at the same time can share them on multiple social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, and many others.

Multi Tracking

In previous or other apps there is the limited option of add music or audio files in the video. But in Kinemaster Apk Pro you can add multiple audio files or music files in the videos. You can add up to 8 files at a time in the videos. This function provides the vast options of adding music files or audio files into the videos which will make the videos more creative and complex and also wonderful.

No Watermark

This app comes with no watermark. This is the feature and benefit which attracts the users as there will be no watermark shown on the videos. Due to which the video maker or editor can make their videos more attractive and there will be no issue with the watermark. You will feel awsome by free download Kinemaster Apk Pro full version on your device. Thanks to the makers of this app who have kept in mind this issue and resolved it in this app.
display of kinemaster pro

Background Screen

This app also provides you another awesome feature and benefit that is changing the background screen. With the help of this feature, you can not only change the color of the background screen but also can change the background of the video. Through this function, a video maker and video editor can do many creative things by only changing the background color and screen. And also you will love to have such an app that can provide you the feature of changing the background screen.

Multiple Share options

If the user wishes that he has an app that can provide him the multiple options of sharing the videos on multiple social platforms. Then the Kinemaster Pro Apk must be the top priority of the user. Because it provides instant video making and editing the video with instant tools also at the same time provides the function of sharing it with friends on the different social platforms.

Transition Effect

In this app, the makers of this app also kept in mind the importance of transition effects due to which the videos can be made more professional and attractive. This feature helps out the users to make the videos more cool and professional. The transition effect is the basic need for any user to create or edit a creative video.

Trim Effect

The video maker’s most favorite tool is also available in this app. The user can trim the videos and can edit them with their own will. The user can edit the trim clips of the videos in different ways like adding the different audio files or music in it.

Multi Supportable

This app is also made to keep in mind the variety of audio and video types of files which will make the day joyful for you if you wish to edit any type of video or want to add any type of audio file in the video. You can import or export any type of video or audio file. You can even add high-resolution quality videos by using this app. It allows high-quality resolution videos to be edited.

How To Download Kinemaster Pro Apk?

  1. The first step to install kinemaster premium apk download is to click on the above download button.
  2. Then, let the installation complete and then an installaed file will appear on the display of your device.
  3. Now, double click on that installed file.
  4. The file will download the kinemaster pro apk in a few seconds.
  5. Lastly, the app logo will automatically appear on the display. Click on it and enjoy the ads-free, premium, unlocked featured, without watermark and more incredible features in one app.


This is the app which a user wishes to become a professional or want to be a creative video maker then it is the wholesome package for them. Because it provides so many unique features and has many problems solving features that no other app will provide. Like No Watermark, No Ads, Audio Recording, 3D Effects, and multiple audio recording and music files options. You will never get a better app than this to make, edit and share the videos because of its unique and wide range of features which makes the videos more powerful, complex, creative, and awesome. So download and install the app and start creating your own videos.

Yes, It is available.

Yes, it is available.

No, KineMaster Pro Apk does not charge any fee. It’s totally free to download and use.

No, Kinemaster Pro comes with no watermark.

Yes, you can add 3D effects and animations to make the videos cooler through KineMaster Pro APK

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