Kinemaster mod apk for PC/Windows 10/8/7 Latest Version 2021

Kinemaster mod apk for pc is the full packaged video editing app for any professional or amateurs. B the kinemaster desktop provides unlimited features which can make the videos remarkably catchy and awesome. It has multi-layer effects, audio recording options, transitions, 3D effects, and much more. If you wish to download pc Kinemaster then you have to get the android emulator, because it is capable only on android devices and has no pc version.

Kinemaster mod apk provides the best features for free. It has many features as well as many benefits, which will make not only good video. But also provides the best opportunity to any video creator to make their videos more professional. And also these features also provide the video attractive look which an audience or friends cannot ignore without appreciating the work.

You can get the Kinemaster for Windows 7 but the first thing will always be first. That is the android emulator without it you cannot download or install it on the pc device. Kinemaster PC software is free to install. Let’s have a look at how we can get the kinemaster app downloaded for PC.

presenting kinemaster for pc
App NameKinemaster For Pc
CatagoryVideo Players & Editors
Google PlayKinemaster
DeveloperKinemaster Corporation
Updated10 Days Ago

What is an emulator?

The emulator is the app that makes your pc work like a smartphone. When you will install any kind of emulator and open it then your pc will start working as an android device. Next, you will have to download the Kinemaster mod apk from the play store and install it. Now, you will be able to start video editing on your pc with the help of an emulator. As the Kinemaster mod apk for pc makers has not developed any kind of version for pc due to which you have to download the Emulator to get the app on your pc. And here we will recommend you the best Android emulators including NoxPlayer and Bluestack

Is any alternative option other than emulator?

As already mentioned above Kinemaster apk mod for pc makers has not made any pc version. So it is almost impossible to get the app without using any emulator on your pc. In the future maybe Kinemaster developers will launch the app for the desktop version but at the present, you will have to take the help of emulators to get it on your pc, laptop, or Mac devices.

The above-mentioned emulators are the best android emulators and you can get the Kinemaster mod apk for pc by installing any of them on your PC.

How to install an emulator on a PC?

As it is clear that we will need an emulator to get this app on pc. Now let’s see how to get install an emulator on a PC

  • Go to the website of the emulator you want to install on pc
  • Download the emulator from the above link.
  • After downloading go to the downloads folder
  • Now open the downloaded file
  • Press the install  button
  • Let the installation process get completed
  • After installation open the installed app
  • Completed 

List of the Best Emulators

Best Features

  • Ads Free
  • Best visual effects
  • Audio recording and multi-track
  • Transitions that makes videos awesome and catchy
  • Background Screen change feature
  • Unlocked Chroma Key
  • 3D and best animation effects
  • Compatible for all kinds of video files
  • Supports 4k Videos
  • Blending mood
  • Voice Recording
  • Multi-Track audio
  • NO watermark
  • Highly resolution video quality
  • Rewinding the video
  • Instant preview and live recording
  • Maximum increased ideo esolution

Additional Features

Visual Effects

The user can use many unlimited visual effects like trimming the videos or cropping the videos. Therefore, you can add into it many things like transition effects or can trim the videos and edit the clips of it.

Instant Preview

You can also enjoy the feature of Instant preview in Kinemaster Mod apk for Pc as this feature attracts many video creators who were unable to get an instant preview in the previous apps. You can not only get the instant preview but also can edit the videos with instant video effects.

Voice over/Audio Recording

The Kinemaster mod apk also provides the solution of voice-over as in other apps you have to edit the videos in one software. Then you use the other apps to add voice to it. But this is not the case in this app. You can directly add your audio recording to the videos. You can add it on the whole video or can add multiple audio files in the videos by using only a single and best app which is Kinemaster mod apk for pc.

Trimming or splitting the clips

This app also has another great feature of splitting and trimming the video clips by using this feature. Through this feature, anyone can edit their videos easily by splitting them into parts and then editing them separately which makes the clips more complex and more watchable for the audience. And they will love the trimmed or split videos because of the complexity and wonderful effects.

Background Features

Kinemaster mod apk for pc has also a unique feature of background screen changing; the video editor can change the color or theme of the background by using this app. This is the top-rated feature that will attract the video editors most and also they will feel awesome because they will have the option to change the colors of the background by only using and selecting this feature. Consequently, they can change the color of the background screen as they like.

High-quality videos

Like other applications, Kinemaster Desktop does not only create videos but also creates them in high quality. This app can also create and edit high-quality videos. In other apps, you will never find this kind of feature so this is also a very valuable feature of this app. So download the app as soon as possible.

3D Effect/Animated Effects

Another feature of pc kinemaster that makes it the more successful and more favorite app is 3D effects and animation effects. Also, you can add many 3D effects and animated photos to your videos. This app has thousands of 3D and animated effects in it. So the user can add many 3D effects to make their videos more worthy, as well as they, can add animated effects also to make them more cool and attractive.


In this app, the video editor will love to edit and will feel joyful because it will provide them with the most ultimate feature. You can create or edit any type of video file format in this app. And also it provides you the feature of auto upgrading if there is a video file that is not supportable. After upgrading the desired file can also be edited.


This app provides the feature to video editors and video lovers to edit and create videos in 4k format also. So this app is like a paradise for video editors or video editors. Because no other such app provides a feature like this. Which makes this app separate from the others.

Chrome key feature

In this feature, the video editor can make layers on the video and can do any type of visual effect on it. This is not only one of the best features but also provides the editors and video creators to make their videos more wonderful. By applying this feature they not only can create layers but also can make different experiments on it through different effects.

So these were the extraordinary feature which makes not only the successful application but also one of the most favorite applications for the video editors and video creators. So if you wish to edit or create the videos like a pro then you will never think a second time and get this app on your pc. Not only this but also if you want to make a good impression on your friends by creating and editing videos then you will have to get this app, immediately.

Why Kinemaster mod apk for pc?

Many people will think that why do we use Kinemaster mod apk for pc instead of other apps?

So my friends then you will have to first get this app on your pc and start working on it. You will get the answer yourself. But still, if you want to listen to me then you will have to look above all mentioned features. Which are already answering the question in your mind. 

Chiefly, you can compare any other app and its features and you will get the result as Kinemaster Mod apk is the best among them. Also, you will never find such a wonderful combination of unlimited features in any other app. And In last you will have to admit the fact that Kinemaster mod apk for pc is the best app to create and edit the videos due to its features.

How to Install Kinemaster for PC?

  • First, download and install the android emulator by clicking on the above link. 
  • Then open the emulator on pc.
  • Sync your Google account with the play store.
  • Now download the Kinemaster mod apk for PC/Windows/Mac by clicking on the above download button.
  • Tap on the Download button and download the app.
  • After downloading the app install the app.
  • After installation opens the app and enjoys the all unlocked modded features of the Kinemaster mod apk on your PC.

Minimum System Requirements

ProcessorAMD or Intel Processor
OSWindows 7/8 and above
StorageAt least 4GB RAM
RAMDisk Space is minumum 5GB
AdditionalUp to date Graphic Drive plus
You must be administered your PC

Advantages of Kinemaster Mod apk for PC

  • All in one package multiple features with awesome effects
  • No use of multiple software for audio recording or for voice over
  • Ease of use as Pc lovers will love that they can edit the videos on pc with the best editing software
  • On Pc, you can get unlimited access and it is easy to use on pc.
  • Multiple things and files can be used on pc as compared to android devices.
  • Storage is no issue if you are using the app on pc and you can download and edit as many as you want.
  • PCs are more comfortable for professionals as compared to smartphones. They enjoy working on the PC.
  • PCs are more comfortable for professionals as compared to smartphones. They enjoy working on the PC.

Disadvantages of Kinemaster Mod Apk for pc

  • You will need an emulator first then download the app as it has no pc version
  • The app will be run only in the emulator.


It is obvious that we can easily manage our professional and daily life work on pc instead of smartphones. So this app helps us to get more professional and also provides us the comfortable level to edit our videos and also make our videos more impactful. We can edit and create more complicated and also can make more efficient videos through pc as compared to Smartphones.

In smartphones, we can also edit videos but we will face low comfort levels due to limited options or will need much more time to edit or make impactful and complex videos. Also, it provides us not only a wide range of features but also there is no issue of storage in pc. Like in android devices we face problems with storage but on pc, there are no such issues. We can not only create or edit any type of file on pc but also can edit any size of the file on Pc.

No, you will never have to pay any fee. It is free to download and use. All features of this app are free.

No, the watermark issue has been removed and your videos will be cool as there will be no watermark on them.

Yes, the Kinemaster for pc supports the chroma key function and you can add as many layers as you want in the video. And also can add any kind of effects in it.

Yes anyone can get the kinemaster app on windows 10 by downloading the android emulator on windows 10 then follow the steps as mentioned at the start.

Yes, it is pretty easy as you have to download the android emulator on your MAC device and search for the Kinemaster app in the emulator. Then download and install it.

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