KineMaster for Pc without bluestacks/Download Latest Version 2021

KineMaster for Pc without bluestacks/Download Latest Version 2021

Bluestack is an excellent emulator that helps to run the Android apps on Pc, Windows, and Mac, smoothly. But the major demerit where it lags is, it doesn’t work on low space decisions. So, if you have a low storage device having low RAM then you can’t avail this emulator, as it took at least 2GB to 5GB storage including updated graphics drivers. If your PC does not meet the above criteria and you still need to download Kinemaster for Pc then, you must go for Kinemaster for PC without Bluestacks.

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Specifications Of Kinemaster Apk

Here in this article, we are going to facilitate you by providing the way you can go to get Android applications without bluestack. And, that way is to go for other low space emulators including Nox and Memu Player. Below we are providing you the direct download link buttons for both Nox and Memu. These emulators are recommended because they work effectively and efficiently even on low space Pc, and windows.

App NameKinemaster For Pc
App Versionv5.1.14.22765.GP
Size96 MBs
Updated on10 days ago
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Kinemaster Apk

Why Kinemaster For Pc Without Bluestack?

Nowadays many people need something like that which can edit the videos easily and give the photographic result. So, if you want the photographic result and searching for the right video editing app then you are in the right place. Therefore, KineMaster for Pc without bluestacks is the best video editing app. Also, the Kinemaster app holds several editing tools for Androids, IOS, iPhone, IPods.

Let’s have a brief look at the article below that explains how to use Kinemaster for pc without using Bluestacks;

How To Download Kinemaster For Pc Youtube?

How to Download Kinemaster for pc without bluestacks?

Method 1:

Download Kinemaster For Windows Using Nox Player

nox player logo
  • Click on the above download Nox Player button and install it on your Pc
  • Now, wait for the installation process.
  • Once the installation process is done, run the Nox Player on your pc.
  • Next, you will get a display screen, similar to an Android phone.
  • Notably, the Google Play Store has already been pre-installed in Nox Player.
  • Just type Kinemaster in the search bar of the Google play store.
  • Lastly, once the installation of Kinemaster is done, it will display on the Nox Player App Drawer.

Method 2:

Downloading Kinemaster for computer/Laptop by using MEmu Player 

Memu player logo
  • The first thing to do is download the MEmu player file from the above download button.
  • Now, wait for the completion of the installation.
  • Once it is done, double click on the downloaded file and it will start the download process automatically.
  • Now, wait for a few seconds to let it finish.
  • After the completion of this installation process, the MEmu Player will show on the desktop, automatically.
  • Notably, the play store is automatically installed in MEmu Player.
  • Now type Kinemaster in the search bar and it will show you Kinemaster pro for pc.
  • Install the app and enjoy.

How to use KineMaster?

HOw to use kinemaster for pc

Firstly, you thought of the concept of the video and thought of the message which you conveyor deliver to the public. Secondly, find the relevant videos which are made on the basis of your message. Look at the content how it is.

If you want to only edit your video it does not take much more time. After downloading open the KineMaster Pro for Pc, then you see the option to start a new project or edit the last one. You click the option to start a new project. Now choose the aspect ratio.

The aspect ratio depends upon your content. If you make the video for youtube then the ratio is large and the ratio is small for Instagram and TikTok.

Tap to the media browser which is embellished with videos or audios. Choose the clip in which you do work. Then check the mark which is at the top right available for saving the video. Also, if you want to add more videos, repeat this process.

Mostly, four options will appear, Trim to right of the play, Trim to left played, split to play, split, and insert freeze frame. The only video trim that appears in the current position. The duration of the video becomes shorter.

Notably, for making transition videos and adding more videos in transition videos, there is a plus button in the slide line in every video clip. When you tap this button, many options will appear on the right.

Then select the option according to your content like if you want the 3D effect of your video then click it, if you want a picture to picture, the text then click the option.

 If you want to add text then hit the layer icon then there will appear the option of text then choose the option text. After clicking the option then choose your content which you show publicly. Now then tap and drag the content to make it longer or shorter.

Features of Kinemaster for Pc without bluestacks

  • Blending modes
  • Reverse videos
  • Multi-layer effect including text, special effects,
  • Voiceovers
  • Sound effects
  • Stickers, animations, clip graphics, fonts
  • Speed control for videos
  • Time-lapse effect
  • Slow-motion effect
  • Multi-color filters
  • Direct share access on any social media
  • Color adjustment

Additional Features

3D Effects

One of the best features of the KineMaster Para Pc is the 3D Effects. Therefore, This effect gives an amazing result. Through this effect, we did not need to have a photographer in any of our events.

3D Animation

In Kinemaster for PC, you will find the unique and new features of 3D animation. In this feature, you can add 3D effects, transitions, and many other 3D aspects. Not only this you can also add 3D Images and animated images.

Audio/Voice Over

This is a brand new feature and Kinemaster for windows introducing this feature. Because before this no software was providing this feature. And by using this feature you can easily and directly add the voice or audio in the videos. As compared to other video editing applications you can add directly your voice in videos instead of using another software voice-over.

Multi Visual Effects

By using Kinemaster for PC you can use multiple visual effects like you can edit clips by trimming and cropping the clips in different parts. Then you can add different transitions which you like and which will make the videos more watchful. Consequently, the videos can be edited by trimming them into multiple clips.


This is also a very strong feature of Kinemaster for Computers. This feature includes edit videos instantly and allows you to preview at the same time. So the video editors will be very happy to have such a unique feature.

Multi-Social Platforms

If someone loves to share their videos instantly on multiple social platforms then Kinemaster pro for pc is best for them. Because this application allows and provides the freedom to share your videos on multiple platforms easily. Additionally, it allows the users to share the videos instantly on different platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and many more.

Audio Effects

In this application, you can add multiple audio effects to the video. It provides them the best tool of audio recording directly by using the same application. And also you can add multiple audio files in a single clip or single video. This feature has resolved the problem of voice-over and using of another software for audio effects.

Background Feature

Kinemaster for Pc is one of its own kind. Because it provides you such unique features which you will never find in any other application. As it provides another feature in which video editors can change the color of their screen or can change the color of the background. Due to which the videos can be made more efficiently and more professional.

Resolution selection

You can edit or make videos in low resolution as well as in high resolution by using this application. Also, the Kinemaster for Laptop lets you use high-resolution videos for editing as high as you want. As well as it also allows you to edit or make low-quality videos.


The version KineMaster Pro is paid. Therefore, everybody did not use the Pro Version. But KineMaster for Pc without bluestacks is totally free.

Manageable Speed :

The speed of the video in KineMaster for Mac is manageable. Through this feature, we easily make the video fast or slow. Many youtubers, vloggers not only use this app and earning a lot.


KineMaster for PCs without Bluestacks is designed for PCs and laptops. Moreover, the other versions of the Kinemaster are only for the androids. The features of all versions of this app are approximately the same. You can use it on your pc, Windows, and Mac more efficiently and uniquely

The best thing about this app is that it is totally free. Some people do not use the video editing app just because they are paid but this app is totally free for downloading and also for use. So, the developers have launched this app especially for the purpose that everybody gets the super video editing app and works professionally. So, I recommend this app especially for those who want to join the video editing profession. Its free cost supports the Beginners to work more, freely.

In the above article, we have discussed in detail how to run apk files on PC without bluestacks and watermarks. Just read once and get to know.

It’s almost similar to Kinemaster for android. Just install the app using any emulator and use it as you want.

There is no other way to download Kinemaster for PC without an emulator because Kinemaster Corporation has not yet introduced the kinemaster app for PC. It’s only available for Android, iOS, and iPads.

Yes, it is totally free to download Kinemaster for PC.

Yes, it can.

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