Kinemaster Video Editing App For Android 2021/Without Watermark

Kinemaster Video Editing App For Android 2021/Without Watermark

KineMaster for Android is a video editing tool for Android smartphones that lets you create professional-quality videos and slideshows. Importantly, with the advanced features, it’s possible to simultaneously add multiple files such as sound effects or images while cropping clips in Kine Master. The default filters might seem outdated at first glance but there are alternative ones available if needed. Thus, just select them from within your options menu when working with one of these customizations on top layers (such as text).

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Chiefly, the free video editor KineMaster is a comprehensive tool with advanced features for Android smartphones. Importantly, professional editors can use this program to create high-quality videos and slideshows that will help them express themselves more creatively in presentations, business cards, or anything else you need an edge on.

Notably, it’s simple enough even if your purpose is just personal usage like editing family films. Therefore, there are plenty of tools here that make cropping easy too as well as adding sounds effects but Kinemaster kinemaster apk for android is at number one in rating among them.

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Specifications to know

App NameKinemaster for Android
Latest Versionv5.1.14
Size90 MB
Developer Kinemaster Corporation
Rating 4.5 plus
Installs100,000,000 plus
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Important Features To Know

Convert Pre-existing Files

With the advanced features, Kinemaster can also convert pre-existing files into something else like an HD movie or music promo.

Simpler Interface For Beginners

Undoubtedly, it’s simple enough for beginners but has plenty of help articles as well so even if this isn’t in your skillset. So, now there will always be another opportunity later down the road when needed most again thanks to its expansive library. Additionally, the KineMaster offers a simpler interface that makes it easier to navigate.

One Window For More Convenience

The program’s UI gets split between options such as video editing with timeline, audio recording, and playback features in one window for your convenience.

Design Custom Kits

Adding sounds from specific categories like voices or instruments of different types you can even design custom kits made out of individual samples from any song.

No Complicated Layers Panel

With Kinemaster there is no complicated layers panel often found within a lot of other programs so users don’t get lost among all the visual distractions while trying to figure out what tool they need at which moment during production.

Create One From Existing Images

To get started, you can either select the option to record a video or create one from existing images. Next up is choosing which feature you’d like: the merger of multiple photos/videos into single movie clips.

Trim/cut Frames, Transitions

With KMP you can trim/cut frames, and can add transitions with ease thanks to easy-to-use tools like the clip builder or sound editor (you even get your choice in what kind. Kine Master allows you to cut or trim frames; add transitions between them (for example one image transitioning into another.

Adjusting volume levels

Control speeding up videos as well adjusting volume levels. Incredibly, there’s something for everyone.

Kinemaster for android pro video editor

Why choose Kinemaster for android as the best video editor?

Control The Speed Of Playback

Kinemaster kinemaster mod android 1 lets you control the speed of playback via scrubbing on videos/clips with ease. Plus, there is support for variable frame rates up to 4x slower than real-time.

Audibly Adjustments

You can also zoom through images while audibly adjusting the volume as well as changing colors which gives your project an interesting style touch once done right. 

Export The Product In Low, HD, or Full-HD Quality

KineMaster is a great app for editing videos on the go. The best thing about it? You can export your final product in low, HD, or full HD quality. For example, the app offers trimming options and filters but also gives access to more complicated editing functions such as color correction or motion stabilization in order for users can create high-quality videos on their mobile devices without having to spend any money.

Is kinemaster free?

Yes, it’s totally free. This application has all sorts of tools you would typically find from paid programs like Final Cut Pro/iMovie. Undoubtedly, there is no need at all to hesitate to download it today if this sounds interesting. So, go now for kinemaster free download for android by clicking on the above download button.

How to Download the kinemaster app for android?

how to install kinemaster for android?
  1. To download the kinemaster for Android phone, click on the above download button.
  2. It will take you to the download page, again click on download and it will now start automatically.
  3. When the installation is done, now you need to go to your phone setting to allow the third-party app installation.
  4. Now, go to mobile’s setting→Privacy setting→Allow apps from third-party→click accept
  5. After accepting the installation of the app from an unknown source, an icon will appear on the display of mobile. 
  6. Open the app, it’s kinemaster! Use and enjoy video editing. 


  • This program app provides a bundle of free pro features for free.
  • It has tips and insights that are sure to make the process easier, as well as an intuitive interface!


  • There is a watermark in the free version

Yes, it’s free to use. You don’t need to invest even a single penny.

No, there is no way to download kinemaster for pc without an emulator yet. But in this situation, if your pc holds low specs, then you can select any low space emulator to use this app on your PC.

It is very simple. You just need to download the kinemaster mod apk download for android from the link given at the start of the above article. Open the app and there you could see all the editing options and tools. Try them one by one and use them.

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