Kinemaster Mod Apk Download 2021/Free/Full Unlocked

Kinemaster Mod Apk Download 2021/Free/Full Unlocked

Kinemaster Mod Apk is a video editing app having a tremendously long list of features. It converts and edits slideshows and videos in no time. Additionally, this incredible video editing app includes brilliant features such as Removal Watermark and animations. In Kinemaster Premium Apk, Kinemaster Corporation gives 30 days of the free trial if you go to use the normal version. The company did so to give time to users to decide if they want to pay and buy the premium version. This editor is also available in its light version as Kinemaster Lite Apk.

In this era, we cannot live without taking pictures or making videos. Therefore, for this purpose, many software or apps are launched. Here is Kinemaster Mod Apk, an incredible video editing app that you can get in one go by clicking on the following link.

App Info

Updates on27 August 2021
Download size66.93 MB
Offered byKineMaster Corporation
Released on26 December 2013
Downloads100 000 000+ downloads

Why the KineMaster is an incredible modded version of a video editor in 2021?

Modded features of Kinemaster Mod Apk

Through, we can easily trim videos with the Kinemaster Apk MOD. It offers multiple features and the best thing about this app, the results are stunning. Kinemaster Apk Files work for both android and iOS. We also manufacture animation videos.

  • Powerful color controls
  • Razer sharp quality
  • Chroma key editor
  • Instant graphics and animations
  • Stylize your type
  • Add awesome assets
  • Download and remix projects
  • Video that amaze

Easy To Use 

In the bulk of video editing apps, Kinemaster Mod Apk is easier to use. Nowadays, many powerful video editing tools, millions of downloadable assets are under your fingerprint. But you need to do heavy investment to avail their full features.

You Can Avail

  • Download Exciting Projects 
  • 2500+ Awesome Effects
  • Music Artist
  • Chroma Key 
  • Cinematic Colors

What’s New

Allows you to add the Slip tool, and many unlocked mod features, though;

  • Firstly, you can adjust the start of the video, and direct it to MP4.
  • Secondly, it allows saving Ads and Animated GIFs.
  • Thirdly, it supports the splintering of layers in addition to square cropping and guidelines.
  • Lastly, it supports layer asset replacement.

More Apps By Kinemaster

But here by our given download buttons, you can easily download Kinemaster Mod Apk and its other apps that are presented by KineMaster Corporation. These are listed below:

  • VideoStabilizer for Kinemaster 
  • SpeedRamp for Kinemaster 
  • BeatSync-Hot Videos Easy & Quick
  • SingPlay Box (BETA) – Cover Song Video Maker 

We can include effects, create Slomo, and speed up the videos easily or faster with Kinemaster Apk Latest Version.  

How to download Kinemaster Mod Apk?

how to download kinemaster mod apk?

We were amazed to get beautiful pictures and selfies and also surprised. Kinemaster Mod Apk’s latest version is free for use. Below are the downloading steps. Here in this article, we are making an easy installing process for you. To install this incredible video downloader through a single click, just click on this link Kinemaster Mod Apk.

  • First Step: Just click on the above download button. The download will start automatically. For both Android and PC users.
  • Second Step: For Android users, before downloading users need to allow Permission for installing apps by unknown source by going to mobile settings. In case of downloading at PC, you will receive a WinRar file in the downloading folder of your Pc.
  • Third Step: Go to downloads, and double click on that file. App Icon will automatically appear on your desktop screen.
  • Final Step: Almost for all devices including iOS, Android, Windows, Pc, Laptop, and more. We are here to provide you with all downloading links given below table.


Only one disclaimer is there who can claim it. Use must remember it. As this is not an official app, therefore users can face some difficulty while downloading this app. So, before downloading this app, go to your mobile setting and allow downloading permission for unknown source apps.

Upgraded Feature

Specialties of Kinemaster Mod Apk

Through, we can easily trim videos with the New Kinemaster Mod Apk Mod version. It offers multiple features and the best thing about this app, the results are stunning. Kinemaster Apk Files for android and iOS. We also manufacture animation videos.

  • Powerful color controls
  • Razor-sharp quality
  • Chroma key editor
  • Instant graphics and animations
  • Stylize your type
  • Add awesome assets
  • Download and remix projects
  • Video that amazes

This unique feature of this app takes the attention of the people of the whole world. People use this app on a daily basis to take pictures and edit videos.

Powerful color control

Feature of kinemaster mod apk is Cinematic colors

It includes color adjustment tools; therefore you can correct and enhance images and videos. High-resolution videos or photos are easily achievable. We can add brightness to the pictures or videos easily according to our needs. The other important feature of Kinemaster Mod Apkis reversing the videos and we get a 3D effect. 

Blending Modes

There are 8 different Blending modes that provide options to make your videos and images come with artistic effects, overlaid magical created, and more. 

Get Projects 

second feature of kinemaster mof apk includes Awesome effects

This unique featured app lets its user download the Kinemaster project directly to the user’s device. Therefore, the user can easily download any project and remix it with his own creativity. 

Watermark Removal

Mostly, all free video editor apps do not remove watermarks. And if any user wants to do so, he needs to buy the premium version. So, here at this stage investment is required. But a beginner or a new user of a video editor may not afford to pay that amount. So, in my view, Kinemaster Mod Apk is the best option, especially for newbies. 

Kinemaster Mod is providing Watermark Removal features to its users. Anyone can start editing videos, images, and more freely through this top-rated application. 

Advanced tool

power tools presented by kinemaster mod apk

Kinemaster is an advanced tool that is very beneficial for any mode.  Advanced tools are very helpful for us not only taking selfies but also making highly 4K HD videos. These tools are used to give the 3d effects and the result amazed us. Different types of filters are also available in this app. Several different types of tools are not available in other apps.

Full Screen

Apk Kinemaster permits full-screen vogue for videos. We enjoy and watch clear videos on the big screen and have cinematography results.

Reverse and Rotate tool

Firstly, users can rotate the videos and adjust them where they are comfortable to watch. Secondly, the reverse tool allows the user to turn the time around, in-camera transitions, creating focal shifts, including more video edits. 

NOTE: Notably, this feature is not available in the simple version. Therefore, if you want to avail of this, you have to download the Kinemaster Mod Version by our given download button. 


Kinemaster Mod Apk layer feature makes its users able to playback multiple videos at a time. Users can play up to 9 videos at a time, amazingly. Conditionally, it depends on the video resolution and device. Additionally, you can cut and stop the video and also can play the videos from where you stop. This feature edits the video fast with incredible accuracy. It can also edit photos, images, and more.

Additionally, during editing, a video user may need to add stickers, voice clips, and different clips. Any video looks catchy at the end if it includes an innovative final cut. Kinemaster provides its users several layers to arrange and add the stuff properly. This feature ends up the video into a professional video. 

Remarkable Transition

We make different transitions videos that are easily made from this app. For transition videos this app is remarkable. Trending transitions videos are famous around the world. People also found this just because of making greater transition videos.

Chroma Key

one of the most important feature of kiinemaster mod apk is Chroma Key

It’s all about background color! 

Chroma Key is a unique term that beginners may not know about. This feature allows users to change the background color of their videos. Some users always want to add innovation to their video and this feature allows them to add new colors to the background using Kinemaster. 

Secondly, you can use Chroma Key to composite two or more videos. Additionally, it happens by adding an alpha-mask preview. Also, it includes the fine-tuning of edges of the mask. 

Multi Audio Sounds with voiceover effects

It allows you to add voiceover, voice changers, and sound effects. Multi Audios sounds are also available. Through, we can give different sounds according to the different types of videos. In many apps, volume control can be issued in the videos. Just for Kinemaster Mod Apk volume is easily controlled to every video easily. Not only video but also in a single clip.

We gradually increase or decrease the volume to create the effects according to the videos. Also, the volume feature allows the user to merge the volume to create a different and final look of the video which amaze the audience.

Awesome Assets

Multi Audio songs plus multi effects are there in kinemaster

You can create and include amazing visual effects, fonts, stickers, music, and more by altering and speeding up, blending modes, and Slo-Mo videos.

Instant preview

The most vital feature of this app is an instant preview. But in other apps, this feature is not available. When we make 90 percent of videos we make mistakes and we cannot easily check the mistakes in videos. Then we need any type of tool from which we can know about mistakes easily. For this purpose, instant preview works greatly. We make videos in this editing app. Then see short clips and get high-quality videos; therefore this feature has only been introduced in this app.

Thematic Feature

While making and editing a video, mostly we need to adjust the lights and colors. This incredible video editing app holds a saturation feature that has made this additional feature under our fingerprints to make us stand in high-quality video editors. Belonging to different professional people like art designing, photography, and having great videos or pictures. The transitions and added brightness made videos awesome. 

Easy Speed Adjustment 

You can adjust your video speed that is required. In order to make a slow-motion video, or whether you want to speed up the video, you can do both with its slo-mo feature. You can speed by 2x to 16x in this Modded Free Version. 

Backup And Share

Razor Sharp Quality plus easy speed adjustment one of the best feature of kinemaster mod apk

Kinemaster allows its users to directly share and backup their videos to social media like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and more. 

In addition, it lets you save your projects as kine files. So, Kinemaster makes your hard work safe. Most importantly, you can start editing again from where you left off. 

High-Resolution With Export Quality

kinemaster mod apk features High resolution with export quality

Kinemaster has provided its users a list of the best features in all apps. Users can use even high-end cameras to the full potential of their device. Though, they can add and export high-resolution 4k video files at up to 60 fps. 

High video quality lines up the elements and fits proper transitions of the video that is the symbol of high resolute professional videos. If you are becoming a Youtuber then you can use this top-rated app and can make 4K videos. Below we have presented a resolution table for better understanding.

Video Resolution
Frame Rate

QHD 1440p
4k 2160p
FHD 1080p
25 (PAL)
SD 540p
HD 720p

Categories of KineMaster

KineMaster Apk has been divided into the following categories. You can go to the download page by clicking on the links below.

Making smooth videos and taking pictures before downloading make sure your phones have space to download Kinemaster Mod Apk. If your phone does not have enough space to install this app then delete the unused apps, games, and unnecessary files.

Additional Features 

more additional feature of kinemaster includes its best for new projects
  •  Fade out and fade in are also provided in the Kinemaster Mod Apk. The whole video is reversible easily through this app. We get 4k video quality and this is very beneficial for the YouTubers, Tik tokers, and other video-making persons.
  • TikTok video makers and the people who used snack videos made transition videos easily and have awesome video results through this app. Additionally, it runs smoothly in the android app. The video does not shatter or freeze.
  • It allows you to merge the volume to create a different and final look of video which amaze the audience who watch. We gradually increase or decrease the volume to create the effects according to the videos.

More Versions 

Download Kinemaster Lite mod Apk

If you have limited use to edit the videos, like for TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and more then here we have a Lite mode Version of the Kinemaster. 

It’s an amazing app that provides a lot of features by taking up little space on your device. So, download Kinemaster Lite Apk and make the videos to influence your loved ones or your social network. 

Kinemaster V8 Mod Apk

This version usually works as a video editor for PC/Windows. Usually, desktop versions contain multiple features as compared to Android versions. So, download Kinemaster V8 mod Apk and experience a vast range of features. 

Green Kinemaster Mod Apk

A range of Kinemaster versions is available. One of them is green Kinemaster. This app comes with a green background and a lot of features, though you can make fancy titles, and can add heavy videos. If you are a new user of video editing apps then you must try all mod apks and select the one that suits you. 

Kinemaster Mod V3 Apk

This version includes two delightful features. 

The first is the kinemaster Chroma key unlocked, and the second is the removal of the watermark. If watermark is having a bad impact and annoying you with your edited videos, then you must try this. 

Yes, this modded version is totally free to us. Some versions of this app available at Playstore are paid versions. To unlock premium features of the Playstore version you have to pay money.

Yes, we also download this video editing app on laptops or pc even on smartphones to edit and make high-resolution videos.

Yes, KineMaster is totally safe as there are no privacy security issues and violations reported yet. No single report has been received yet about privacy policy and users’ privacy concerns.

Yes, it is free from the watermark. As watermark creates an unprofessional effect in the video. The spot that appears in the watermark creates a bad impact on the user. So the designers must download this free.

Yes, it is easily downloaded by our above-given Download Button. Here we have given links to download for all devices including Android, Windows, iOS, PC, and more.  


After knowing all about this I must say that it is the best video editing app. It has several editing tools which catch the audience itself and entertain the audience. It is easy to use and make any type of video through this app.

This app runs easily on iPads, tablets, and smartphones and also on laptops. The data is safe in this app. The biggest thing about this app is that it is safe from watermark and unlocked incredible modded features. Most amazingly, this app is totally free.